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What do you want to know about FEET?

A Christian organization in Buffalo, Minnesota,
FEET Co-Op exists to provide information, inspiration,
and support to Christian homeschooling families.

We as members have purposed that this organization and all of its activities
will seek to be consistently pleasing and honoring to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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About FEET: Meeting Dates & Location

2024 - 2025 Meeting Dates

Fall 2024 Orientation: August 27

September 10 & 24
October 8 & 22
November 12 & 26
December 10
January 14 & 28
February 11 & 25
March 11 & 25
April 8 & 22

Special Dates:

Annual Spring Showcase (April)
Make-Up Day: May 13
End-of-Year Lunch Picnic at Buffalo Covenant's Promise Park on our last day.

Buffalo Covenant Church

1601 Hwy 25 N
Buffalo, MN 55313

FEET Calendar & Classes: 2024-2025

For detailed class descriptions and an introduction to our instructors,
visit our Classes page.

Elementary Class Schedule

1st & 2nd

9am | Art

10am | Science

11am | PE

3rd & 4th

9am | Science

10am | PE

11am | Art

5th & 6th

9am | PE

10am | Art

11am | Science

Middle School Class Schedule


Public Speaking
with Pastor Kevin


IEW Writing
with Chelsie


World Religions
with Pastor Kevin


Foods Across the U.S.
with Jackie


Minnesota History
with Chelsie


Chem in the Kitchen
with Jackie

Fees & Forms

All fees collected are applied predominantly toward teachers' salaries and facility rental.
A small amount are applied toward administration fees and supplies.

Payment can be split into two increments:
1) Upon registration (supply fees, family membership fee, and half of annual tuition)
2) On or before Orientation at the end of August (the remaining half of annual tuition)

Registration Fees

Rates are per child for the year

Nursery:  $90
Preschool:  $190
Kindergarten:  $190
Elementary:  $225
Middle School:  Varies by class
($150-$200 per class, plus the cost of books)

Science Supply Fee:  $30 (per family, non-refundable)
Family Membership Fee:  $60 (non-refundable)

Registration Forms

Each of the following must be signed upon registration

Annual Registration Form
Family Contract
Statement of Faith
Emergency Medical Release

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