Frequently Asked Questions

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There's a lot to ponder

when joining a co-op.

Here are answers to common questions we receive each year as new families consider joining FEET.
Our Member Handbook covers these topics and more at length.

  • How do I register my family?

    Begin the registration process by reaching out to us through the website. Camry and Jackie will lead you through the necessary conversations, paperwork, and payments.

    Registration for each upcoming school year begins in April for current families and in May for new families. Registration remains open until classes are full or through September, whichever comes first.

    Payment can be split into two increments, unless registering mid-year, in which case payment is due in full. Payment is due upon registration.

  • Must I register my family every year?

    Yes. Every family is required to register annually in order to attend FEET.

    All children who are 12 months or older during the school year, and who will be present at FEET, must be formally enrolled.

  • If my childcare for an unenrolled child falls through, may I bring that child with me?

    No, you may not. FEET's policy is that all children 12 months and older, and present at co-op, must be formally enrolled. We strive to protect the time and attention of our teachers, as well as moms and dads in the Parent Room, and consequently do not allow unenrolled tag-alongs.

    If you've arranged childcare for a child you've not enrolled in FEET, and that childcare falls through, we kindly require that you either arrange alternative care (not at BCC) or remain home with your family.

  • What if someone in my family has fallen ill?

    In the event of illness with symptoms in your household within the 24 hours prior to a meeting, it is best for all of your family to miss co-op, even if only one of you is sick. 

    If your family will be absent, it is essential that you find a sub for your chore and TA position. Notify a member of the steering team with your choice of replacement.

  • If my family is on a wait list, do I need to submit payment?

    No. If your student is on a wait list, no payment is required at time of registration. New students will be accepted as space becomes available.

  • What happens if I choose to withdraw from FEET?

    Registrations and withdrawals are processed by our Registrar and Finance Director. Families who withdraw before July 15th will receive a refund for the class-only portion.

    Families who withdraw after July 15th receive no refund.

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