We are


at Buffalo Covenant Church in Buffalo, Minnesota.

A Christian homeschool co-op,
FEET offers Christ-based information,
inspiration, and fellowship for homeschooling families
to the glory of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

A Christian Homeschool Co-Op

An Overview of FEET

FEET is a Christian homeschool co-op of approximately 30 families. Student classes are offered by paid instructors for children from preschool through 9th grade.

FEET is unique in that it offers homeschooling moms and dads an opportunity for prayer, fellowship, and encouragement while paid instructors lead morning classes. A typical morning for a parent looks includes prayer, devotion, and fellowship with other homeschooling parents.

We meet approximately 15 times during the school year—every second and fourth Tuesday of most months, with classes from 9am-noon. Our co-op is held at Buffalo Covenant Church in Buffalo, Minnesota.

One parent from each family will be assigned regular chore duties, which include set-up or clean-up, as well as a Teacher's Assistant (TA) role. Chore assignments are given at FEET Orientation and will typically be 10-15 minute tasks. TA roles, assigned to parents of elementary kids or younger, are one-hour shifts in rotating classrooms throughout the year. They call for parents to act as an extra set of eyes and hands for the teacher. No preparation is required.

Please note:

  • Elementary students must sign up for all three classes.
  • Nursery-Grade 6 students require a parent on-site at all times. Middle School classes allow drop-off after approval.

A Christian Homeschool Co-Op

FEET Co-Op expectations

For Parents

  • Arrive on time and remain on-site during co-op hours (nursery - grade 6)
  • Complete a chore before or after co-op
  • Assist in classrooms as assigned (nursery - grade 6;
    generally one hour per meeting)
  • Understand the Statement of Faith by which FEET operates

For Students

  • Listen when someone else is talking
  • Be considerate and kind to others
  • Keep hands to oneself
  • Understand the Statement of Faith by which FEET operates

For Teachers

  • Arrive early and fully prepared
  • Provide quality instruction from a Christian perspective
  • Sign and live by FEET's Statement of Faith

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